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What we offer

ECA Consulting offers the following

• Scoping & EIAs
• Basic Assessments
• Environmental Management Programmes
• Environmental Control Officer (ECO)
• Environmental Feasibility Assessments
• Environmental Subcontracting services
• Waste License Applications
• Permit Assistance
• Amendment Applications
• Due Diligence Audits
• Green Star Accreditation Assessments
• Carbon Footprint Analysis
• Carbon Reduction Programmes
• Project management
• Management of Specialists
• Environmental Research
• Environmental Advice


ECA Consulting is headed by Leena Ackbar (Director) who holds a Master of Science degree in Environmental Sciences with a focus on sustainable bioenergy crop cultivation in Angola. The study was further extended throughout sub-Saharan Africa by the Competence Platform on Energy Crop and Agroforestry Systems for Arid and Semi-arid Ecosystems-Africa (COMPETE), which is an international research organisation funded by the European Union. COMPETE focuses on sustainable bioenergy crop expansion in sub-Saharan Africa. Leena is not only a qualified environmental scientist but is also suitably qualified environmental assessment practitioner. To date Leena has handled and project managed between 50 to 80 EIAs, BARs, EMPr, EMF/SEA, ECO sites and other environmental management related areas. Leena has been the technical advisor and lead consultant on several complex projects including, strategic environmental work for the northern KZN region, mining EIAs, and management of ECOs on large construction sites. She has extensive environmental legal knowledge regarding not only the EIA process and requirements but also with regard to all other relevant environmental legislation at a national, provincial and local level and how these affect environmental management issues. Leena is also certified by the Global Carbon Exchange as a Carbon Footprint Analyst and is suitably qualified to measure carbon footprints and generate carbon reduction programmes.

Why Choose ECA Consulting?

• Professional, accurate, timeous and quality service.
• Independent, environmental scientific and consulting expertise.
• Extensive experience in undertaking and management of environmental assessments.
• ECA Consulting provides a service that aims to synergize the needs of the client to that of the environment.
• Active participation in forums, workshops and research that provides insight into Global Best Environmental Practice.
• Level 3 BBBEE status - 110% Procurement Regonition

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